Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Business

I've decided to start my own at home craft business. I am going to sell the things i create on Etsy. This blog is for people who want to make the things i do, it will be pictures, how to's, and links to things i find. This Isn't my first time trying this. I am currently working on a set of jute bottles and a candle holder. The Jute bottle was easy. I went to the dollar store where i found jute for a dollar. it was a very good deal. So i came home and grabbed a beer bottle (one of many I've saved) wrapped it. I thought to myself ... hmmm .... this could be cuter. So i cute out a "B" and tried to spray paint it like a stencil it worked okay. But my B looks more like an 8. Now that i finally have my printer hooked up i can print out a better B. We are suppose to get hit with a winter storm tonight so I'm not sure if i will be able to venture out to get some more spray paint, printer paper, and a few other items i need to finish this first product.

A few days ago my nieces lost everything they owned in a fire other than about 2 weeks of clothes. So i took them to town and let them pick out some fabric and bought them new pillows. I made them some cool pillow cases that they love. raising 4 kids Isn't easy and since the fire I've had 6 the house is finally getting back to normal now so i can start doing things properly around here again with a little less noise. I'm uploading pictures of the pillow cases just to show them off. I'm not looking to take on many sewing jobs at the moment due to so many sewing needs in my own home. In a few days I plan to start a blanket and pillow case for my eldest daughter.

 This pattern was super easy. I didn't even use a pattern really. I spread the material out and used my best judgement. Like I said i let the girls pick out what they wanted the oldest is obsessed with cows and the youngest is a little more girly. If you would like more instructions on how to do this please let me know. I would be happy to help.

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