Sunday, February 24, 2013


Well all, the winter storm hit so of course I wasn't able to venture out to get what I needed and of course by the time I was able to, I forgot. Haha. We've been fighting off a flu bug as well around here so I can say over all things have been unproductive around here. Until yesterday. Hubby and I knocked out the cleaning of the whole house yesterday. So that way today, after church I could do whatever I wanted. This is very excited as usually I sew or craft in clutter. So after church, we came home it was 50 degrees today so we took the kids out to play for about an hour then they came in to take a nap. That was my time. So I got all my material out I had a lot of sewing to catch up on. Since we just moved I've been meaning to get around to making new curtains and today was my day. I made curtains for our room and the kids rooms. If you've never sewn curtains before I suggest using flat sheets. That's what I use because non of us use them and they already match the sheets. Its a very easy project. Then, I started on my eldest daughters new bed set I got the pillow case done which she had to show off to her pawpaw when he got here for dinner because as she says "It's so cool" Tomorrow is hubbys "friday" so hopefully on Tuesday I can get some time to sit down and start cutting out the squares or triangles for her quilt. I am very eager to take on this project. I've never quilted a blanket. Hoping it goes well so that I have plenty of confidence for the next 2. Seeing as how I'm lazy I didnt get around to uploading any pictures like I did before, However, I plan to have them uploaded for my next blog. (I'm not really lazy but with this bug I have laying around has become a new hobby) So if anyone has and questions on the pillow cases or curtains just let me know. I'd be happy to help!

God Bless!

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