Friday, March 1, 2013


Well, It's been a long week I can say. I finally ventured out to get items that I needed but we've been cooped up in the house again due to the kiddies have Bronchitis. But it has been a good week! I got a new car Wednesday. I love it. And of course find any excuse to venture out in it. I still haven't started on the quilt. But I have been working on a few other things. I hope to finish this evening at least one or two of them! Then hopefully I will get to have a crafty day tomorrow as well. Sunday will be a no go after church because my eldest niece has her birthday party that day. I really need to find my disk for my printer. I got a new computer and I really need to print out some things for a project. Here in a few minutes I have to get back to cleaning. Does anyone else hate cleaning as much as I do? This is just sorta an update post to let everyone know whats been going on with us. I know I only post once a week, hopefully it will become more frequently than that. This evening or tomorrow I will post about my 2 finished projects, with pictures. Have a blessed Friday!

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